7.03 Carat Fancy Vivid Blue, internally flawless diamond cut and polished by
Monnickendam Diamonds Ltd

It's not every day that a diamond of extraordinary rarity and beauty is encountered. Therefore, Monnickendam Diamonds, with their global reputation as master craftsmen were absolutely delighted to be selected to cut and polish a very special and rare blue coloured rough diamond weighing 26.58 carats.

The discovery of the rough diamond was in the later part of 2008 by Petra Diamonds Ltd. at the famous Cullinan mine, in South Africa. The months that followed were occupied by many detailed discussions involving the techniques and procedures that would extract the full potential from this particular stone. This was no mean feat considering the position and shape of the flaws. After all due diligence, a strategy was agreed, and the cutting and polishing began. Then, after many weeks of careful and steady progress, the challenging rough diamond yielded a magnificent 7.03ct cushion-cut. The diamond was then submitted to the GIA for grading, and the result and given was Fancy Vivid Blue, Internally Flawless; vindication of all the effort and hard work.

Monnickendam had accomplished the task of cutting and polishing a stunning stone of outstanding beauty, but would the end result be recognised? The answer was not long in coming. The recent Sotheby's auction held in Geneva on 12th May resulted in a new world record; the highest price per carat of any diamond ever sold. The 7.03ct Fancy Vivid Blue, Internally Flawless, cushion-cut diamond sold for US$ 9,488,754 (US$ 1,349,752 per carat).